Hi, I'm Steve and welcome to my website.

Giving you empathy, compassion, hope and solutions.

After a successful career spanning 24 years and working with people from all different backgrounds and cultures in various roles throughout the world, I got to know what makes people tick, but more importantly what didn’t. What was holding them back from being the individual they desired to be?

Upon leaving that career in 2012 I found the change difficult and sought help through various therapy processes which in a short space of time transformed my outlook and perception on life in a positive guise to my absolute amazement.

I realised the potential that this could have on others on improving themselves and finding the solutions they seek with all the challenges that life can throw at them.

Totally inspired with new meaning in life I now strive to help people achieve their desired outcome utilising the many and various different  “state of mind change”  therapy techniques that I have mastered over the years enabling you to succeed having found the solution particularly tailored to you with my very own professional but unique style.


Now, as well as running my private practice I’m also an award winning therapist, a fully qualified trainer of Hypnotherapy and the Chief Coach nationally for Help A Squaddie Charity helping veterans with their mental health and Post Traumatic Stress. Previously the Lead Coach in the North of England for Save Our Soldier Charity.


Interests & Pastimes​:

  • Keeping fit – Mountain Biking, Running, Gym Sessions

  • Dog & Hill Walking

  • Live Music

  • Gardening

  • Socialising

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My Story: Overcoming PTSI

Recently I was featured in a film series that aims to share the stories of inspirational veterans. I talk about my own experience with PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury). Watch the short video below to hear my story.