What My Clients Say...

“Having left the Royal Marines years ago I have always struggled with anger. After several sessions with Steve, the strategies he suggested have been a massive help and have had a huge impact on my day to day life. A highly professional man who I would recommend to anyone seeking help.”

- Andrew T

“Steve is an extremely professional & thorough practitioner who will immediately put you at ease and is able to help with wide ranging problems, in particular, stress, anxiety and depression (post trauma). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.”

- John A

“I was at first quite sceptical but without a doubt, Steve was both competent and knowledgeable. he put me at ease quite quickly and helped put me into a relaxed state of mind. I truly felt much better after seeing him. I would recommend him to anyone.”

- Anon

“Having suffered from depression and anxiety for 15 years, I was losing all hope and was recommended Steve by a family member. After a few months of therapy he has changed my life. I would never be where I am now and I will be eternally grateful. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.”

- R.D

“Steve knows his stuff, he uses a variety of techniques to relax you and get to the root of your issues. I would definitely recommend Steve's services and have done to several friends.”

- Spartacus G

“I had a session with Steve as I was nervous and anxious about my driving test. Throughout the session Steve was fantastic and really helped me solve any problems/worries I had! Glad to say I passed first time but I couldn't have done it without Steve!! Thank you!!”

- Georgia W

“I've spent the last two years reading self development books trying to improve my confidence and work through my limiting beliefs, with slow progress! Two hours with Steve and the negative voice in my head has gone quiet! I can't quite believe it! Thank you so much. This stuff is life changing.”

- Caroline M

Smoking Testimonials

"Having been referred to Steve from other now non-smokers who had previously had 1 hour smoking cessation session I was amazed at how easy I quit after being a heavy smoker for 30yrs. My health and financial status are improving every day, if you want to stop smoking I thoroughly recommend Steve.

- Tracey B

“Steve really helped me stop and quit my habit. After smoking for 10 years and with my health decreasing I contacted Steve and I'm glad to say after a couple of sessions I've not smoked in two months. I can't thank you enough.”

- Reece W

Weight Loss Testimonials

“I had two sessions with Steve and it's unbelievable how easy sticking to the diet is. After 8 weeks I'm still on it and I haven't had the normal feelings that I'm missing out on anything. It all feels a lot easier. Give this guy a go if you want to lose weight easily.”

- Paul F

“Steve is absolutely brilliant at what he does, very professional and relaxed. I seen Steve to push myself for weight loss, after gaining a lot of weight over 2 years I wanted a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix, Steve had talked to me and explained his work so I took the leap and put my faith into him. Steve made me feel at home as soon as I walked through the door and I instantly felt relaxed with him. We went up to his therapy room which was so comforting and chilled, I felt at ease straight away. We spoke about my goals and where I want to be within myself and how I wanted to feel and achieve from weight loss. He then began the session where I was in such relaxation I could feel myself sinking into the chair. He spoke throughout the process to me with the calmest music playing in the background. I would highly recommend Steve for hypnotherapy, friendly, professional and a fair price. Three weeks on, I have dropped 1 stone :) thank you so much I feel amazing!”

- Lisa R